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Ordery i Odznaczenia / Medals
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1 - Cross of the Unbroken (Krzyz Niezlomnych)

Instituted in 1998 by the Association of Former Polish Political Prisoners to honor the young people of Poland who fought in defense of the country during WWII and in the Polish Resistance. It can also be conferred to the young people who during the Stalin era in Poland conspired against communist rule and were opressed due to that or who attempthed to restore independent scouting movement in that time.

Badge: Silver oxidized cross pattée, 44 x 44 mm, similar to the cross of the Polish Scouting Association, with slightly concave arms and five rays between them. Upon the rays there rest the four types of lilies (the symbol of thePolish scouting movement). The horizontal arms bear the motto of Polish scouts CZU : WAJ (be alert). In the center there is a red enameled round shield with a white eagle on it, surrounded by a blue ring inscribed NIEZLOMNI : TOBIE OJCZYZNO (the unbroken to you country). The horizontal arms of reverse bear the words ZAWSZE : WIERNI (always faithful), while the lower one has the letters SPbWP (Association of Former Polish Political Prisoners). In the central medallion there is the anchor of Polish Resistance, surrounded by a laurel wreath.

Ribbon: 35 mm, green with a white-red central stripe and black side stripes.

2 - Polish Conspirational Army Cross (Krzyz Konspiracyjnego Wojska Polskiego)

Instituted on April 5, 1995. Conferred by the Board of the Underground Polish Army to former members of that organization fighting against the communist regime in Poland between 1945 and 1956.

Badge: a cross, 47 x 47 mm, of slightly concave arm sides and bases, slightly similar to the Cross of Valor. The obverse of the arms is white with a red stripe along each arm; the horitontal ones have the dated 1945 and 1956. In the center there is a red gothic shield with a silver crowned eagle; around the shield on the horizontal and upper arms there is the abbreviation K : W : P; the lower arm bears the "anchor". The reverse is plain.

Ribbon 35 mm, half white half red. Occassionally the cross can also be seen on the ribbon of the September Campaign Cross.

3 - Polish Army Corps Cross (Krzyz Korpusu Wojska Polskiego)

Instituted on May 30, 1995, by the Polish Army Corps Assosiation in Czestochowa, to commamorate the underground struggle of the Corps for free and independent Poland between 1949 and 1956. It is conferred to forme soldiers of the Army Corps, as well to other people who rendered merit to the organization.

Badge: silver cross pattée, 40 x 40 mm, with concave arm sides and bases. On the horizontal arms there are the years 1949 : 1956. In the center there is a Gothic shield with a stylized crowned eagle on white and red background; around there is the inscription KORPUS : WOJSKA : POLSKIEGO: The reverse is plain.

Ribbon: 40 mm, gray with half white half red central stripe and black edge stripes.

4 - Cross of Struggle for Independence (Krzyz Walki o Niepodleglosc)

Instituted on November 11, 1995 by members of the Polish Home Combatants "ANTYK" Association, to honor soldiers of the Polish underground organizations in both their active or propaganda struggle for the cause of independence, as well as those who had opposed nazi or communist propaganda. It is conferred by the organization branch in the city of Lodz.

Badge: a Greek cross of oxydized silver metal, 44 x 44 mm, with a rand along the arm edges. The upper and lower arms bear the years 1939 and 1989 respectively. In the center there is a crowned eagle sitting on the Amazon shield, as worn on military headgears, surrounded by a barbed wire. The reverse is plain. There is a variant of the cross covered with black enamel. Crossed silver swords are worn above the cross.

Ribbon 38 mm, black with a red-white-red central stripe and wide red (inner) and white (outer) edges. Another type of the ribbon - red with white (inner) and black (outer) edges is also encountered. Silver stripes for being imprisoned are worn across the ribbon. A black ribbon with red-white-red central stripe and red-white edges is also encountered. Those who were wounded while fiting in an underground organization wear a strip of the ribbon in the colors of Virtuti Militari, with a silver fivepointed star in the middle. Those sentenced to death by communist courts for fighting for the cause of independence, are eligible for the black ribbon with golden side strip

5 - Semper Fidelis Cross (Krzyz "Semper Fidelis")

Instituted in December of 1994 by by the Polish Combattants Solidarity Association (Zwiazek Solidarnosci Polskich Kombatantow) in Poznan, to honor combatants of the struggle for Poland's independence. Eligible all those who fulfil one of the following conditions: 1) took part in an armed struggle, for Polands freedom and independence; 2) took part in the resistance movement aiming at the goals in (1); 3) were oppressed due to political, religious, or national reasons; 4) worked abroad for the cause of independent Poland; 5) represent high ethic and moral standards. The decoration was conferred to members and supporters of "Solidarnosc" movement who took active part in the underground "Solidarnosc" movement after the martial law was introduced in December of 1981.

Badge 1st type: a Greek cross of silver oxidized metal, 40 x 40 mm, with slightly protruding edges. In the center there is the so called "anchor" (symbol of Polish underground forces during World War II) - a combination of letter "P" and an anchor. The horizontal arms carry the Latin inscription SEMPER FIDELIS (always faithful); the upper cross has the year 1981. Reverse plain, except the inscription 1939 ZSPK 1989 running along the horizontal arms.

Badge, 2nd type: a Greek cross of silver metal 42 x 42 mm. The obverse is covered with black enamel. In the middle there is an anchor stretching to the four arms, with a small crowned eagle above and the abbreviation ZSPK below. The reverse is granular and has no enamel. Along the horizontal arms runs the inscription SEMPER FIDELIS; on the upper arm there is the year 1981.

Ribbon: 1st type - 35 mm, of seven equal stripes: green, black, green, red, green; 2nd type - 33 mm, half white half red with a black central stripe.

6 - Order of Blood Spilled for the Country (Order Krwi Przelanej za Ojczyzne)

Instituted on September 1, 1943 as a decoration of the resistance organization SWIT (dawn) but never awarded then; renewed on February 21, 1991 and conferred by Krajowy Zwiazek Weteranow Walk 1939-1989 o Polske Wolna i Sprawiedliwa (National Association of the Struggle for Free and Righteous Poland Veterans) to combatants wounded in combat against nazi or soviet occupants.

Badge: a white enameled Greek cross, 41 x 41 mm, with short and wide arms. In the center there is a large gothic red shield with a silver crowned eagle bearing a small shield with the years 1939 / 1989. On the left, right and below the eagle there are white rectangles bearing the years 1939 (beginning of the nazi and soviet occupations), 1945 (end of WWII and beginning of the communist government in Poland) and 1956 (first big demonstrations against the communist rule) respectively. Above the eagle on white background there is the three line inscription with the order's name. The reverse of the order is plain.

Ribbon 35 mm, half white half red.

7 - Order of Martyrdom and Victory - for Free and Righteous Poland
    (Order Meczenstwa i Zwyciestwa - o Polske Wolna i Sprawiedliwa)

Instituted on February 21, 1991 and conferred by Krajowy Zwiazek Weteranow Walk 1939-1989 o Polske Wolna i Sprawiedliwa (National Association of the Struggle for Free and Righteous Poland Veterans) to all those who were arrested, tortured, sentenced, imprisoned or persecuted in any other way for their activity in the cause of freedom and independence of Poland.

Badge: a white enameled Greek cross, 41 x 41 mm, with short and wide arms. In the center there is a red shield with a silver crowned eagle bearing a small shield with the years 1939 / 1989. On both sides and above the shield there is the inscription - REPRESJONOWANYM / ZA WALKE : O POLSKE WOLNA : I SPRAWIEDLIWA (to those persecuted for fight for free and righteous Poland); the years 1939 / 1989 are repeated below the shield. The reverse of the order is plain.

Ribbon 35 mm, of three light blue and two white stripes.

8 - Londynski Krzyz Za Wolnosc i Niepodleglosc
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